Legacy eRx Technical Details

The information below includes technical information about Legacy eRx.

How are users with multiple locations or providers tracked?

Prior to version 13.2.21, disabling Legacy eRx removed the existing Account ID, and if re-enabled later, a new Account ID would be generated. In later versions, the Account ID is only disabled, not removed.

The Legacy eRx database will be LexiComp if and only if the first Legacy eRx click occurs when the Open Dental version is 15.4 or greater. Otherwise the Legacy eRx database will be FBD.

All providers that share the same NPI number are treated as a single provider for eRx purposes.

GUID values: When electronic prescriptions are copied into the Chart module (when Chart module is refreshed), corresponding prescriptions and medications in Open Dental are identified by a GUID value supplied by Legacy eRx. The GUID is how Open Dental determines if a record has already been created.