Legacy eRx Troubleshooting

Below is troubleshooting help for Legacy eRx.

Problem: I keep getting a message that information is missing. What information is required for Legacy eRx?

Solution: See Required Legacy eRx Information

Error: SubmitTransaction error: 2001: Invalid UUID.

This means you have skipped the identity proofing and credentialing process with Verizon UIS. You must do IDP before you can authorize or finalize EPCS privileges.

Problem: eRx Button turns red.

This can occur when eRx is clicked in the toolbar, or when switching to the Chart module, causing Open Dental to attempt a sync with Legacy eRx to automatically copy completed prescriptions into the patient's Medication List and Progress Notes.

Solution: The button turns red when Open Dental has attempted to communicate with Legacy eRx and failed. It may be that communication failed for a random reason. First try reloading the Chart module to see if the problem fixed itself. If the problem continues, you need to determine what is causing the failure to communicate, then address it. Some common causes are listed below.

  1. Intermittent internet connection issues or internet down. To determine if it is an internet issue, in an internet browser go to google.com and refresh the page. If the page will not load, there might be an internet issue.
  2. Hardware Firewall issue: If all computers connected to the hardware are experiencing the same issue, it could be a hardware firewall issue. If two workstations use the same networking components and one works while another does not, it is not a hardware issue. Instead see #3 below.
  3. Software desktop firewall issue: Open specific ports, or add an exception to the software firewall for the Open Dental application. Adding an exception for Open Dental would also allow other communication from Open Dental in the future (e.g. other web service communications as a result of new features).
  4. Anti-virus software: Add an exception to the Open Dental application for the same reason stated in #3.
  5. DNS: On the workstation with the error, open a web browser and type in "secure.newcropaccounts.com". If DNS is working, you will get an access forbidden message. Assuming your internet is working, if DNS is not working, you will see a "404 page not found" message.
  6. If you do not use electronic prescriptions, consider disabling the electronic Rx program link in Setup, Program Links.

Problem: When eRx button is clicked, receive error: "a technical error has occurred and has been automatically reported to your EMR/PM vendor".

Solution: If you are using AVG and the AVG web tuneup plugin, it may be blocking the XML data from being sent to Legacy eRx. First try disabling the web tuneup plugin. If that doesn't work, try adding an exception in AVG. If that fails, you may need to remove AVG and use another anti-virus solution.

Problem: When trying to transmit controlled substances: There was an error: url: https://universalid.verizon.com/toolkit/index.php?/ messagecenter/authorizeTransaction 3932329 Date Time {"method":"completeTransaction"}1

Solution: Clear our the cookies and cache in your browser. Shut down and try again.

Problem: Pharmacy claims they did not receive a transmitted controlled substance prescription.

Solution: Only pharmacies that are indicated with a C around a green dot can accept electronically transmitted controlled substances

If the pharmacy indicates it can accept electronically transmitted controlled substance prescriptions, you should report the prescription as missing. See Report a Failed or Missing Prescription in Legacy eRx.