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Mobile Synch Feature

Mobile Synch is an older version of the Mobile Web Feature.

Note: We recommend updating to Open Dental Hosted Mobile Web instead of using mobile synch. That application uses real-time data and requires no synching. If hosting multiple databases, each database must have its own unique registration key.

Mobile synch lets you connect to your Open Dental data using a mobile device. View appointments, patient information, and pharmacies. Data is uploaded to Open Dental's server, then must continue to be synched with your database server to ensure content is up-to-date. Data cannot be entered using a mobile synch application. An active unique registration key is required.

Mobile Synch Setup

Using Mobile Synch

Encryption of Data at Rest and in Transit

As of version 14.3, the mobile synch occurs when you launch Open Dental; after the database is selected but before user login. This means if you are updating Open Dental, the mobile synch will not occur until after the update is complete.

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