National Dental Advisory Service

Fee Schedules in Open Dental can be imported into the National Dental Advisory Service (NDAS) Pricing Software.

  1. In Open Dental, export a copy of your fee guide.
    1. In the Main Menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes. Procedure Codes
    2. Click Fee Tools. Select your fee schedule using the Fee Schedule drop down.
    3. Click Export and save to your desktop.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet program.
  3. Import the fee schedule into the spreadsheet program.
  4. Add a row to the top of the file.
  5. Name the first column Codes. This column should be the list of codes (e.g. D0120, etc.).
  6. Name the second column S1. This column should list the fees for each code.
  7. Save as a .csv.
  8. Open NDAS and import the .csv file.