Line Item Payment Plans version 17.2

Additional payment plan logic options were added in 17.3. See Payment Plan.

Payment Plan credits, debits, and payments can be included in the account ledger, balances, and aging, or managed as a separate entity.

When included in the account ledger, we call this Line Item Payment Plans. To turn this feature on, in Account Module Preferences, check Display PayPlanCharges as line items in Account module and Aging of A/R. To turn this feature off (Original Payment Plans), uncheck this setting. Below is a description of the differences between these two methods.

Line Item Payment Plans Turned On

PayPln Credits subtract from the patient balance (e.g. Tx Credits for procedures attached to the plan).

PayPln Debits add to the patient balance (e.g. payment plan charges due).

Original Payment Plans

(line item payment plans not turned on)

Transitioning to Line Item Payment Plans

If you are thinking about moving from original to line item payment plans, here are some important items to know.

  1. Patient account balances will change:
    • The account balance for any patient with a patient payment plan will change by the payment plan amount currently due.
    • The Family Aging amounts will include patient payment plan charges currently due.
  2. The Aging of Accounts Receivable (A/R) Report will change.
    • When using line item payment plans, the total A/R will include patient payment plan amounts currently due.
    • When using original payment plans, the total A/R does not include these due amounts.

How can I see the difference in the A/R Report amounts?

  1. With Line-Item Payment Plans off, run the Aging of A/R report (Check 'Include Negative Balances').
  2. Run the Payment Plans Report.
    1. Select Patient as the Payment Plan Type.
    2. Uncheck Hide Completed Payment Plans and Limit to Plans Created in Date Range. The Due Now column will indicate the total payment plan amount due.
  3. Turn Line Item Payment Plans on and run the Aging of A/R report again (Check Include Negative Balances).

The Total column from the report in step 1 (off) + the Due Now amount from the Payment Plan report = Total column from report in step 3 (on).

Remember that you can always switch back to original payment plans if preferred.