Prepayments from patients are entered as Unearned / Unallocated Income, typically with an unearned type of prepayment. Once treatment is completed, the unearned income can be allocated to providers and procedures. See Allocate Unearned Income.

In the Account Module:

  1. Click Payment.
  2. Enter the payment amount and click OK. The Payment window will open.
  3. Clinics: Make sure the correct clinic is selected.
  4. Payment Type: Select a Payment Type.
  5. If a credit card payment: Click XCharge or PayConnect to initiate the credit card processor.


    1. Select Purchase as the transaction type.
    2. Click OK.
    3. Enter the credit card information (for a new credit card).
    4. Click Process or F12.


    1. Select Sale as the transaction type.
    2. Enter the credit card information (for a new credit card).
    3. Click OK.

    A note with Credit Card Transaction Details will be automatically added to the payment Note. It will indicate successful or declined transactions.

  6. On the Payment window, click Prepay to complete the payment entry and create one unallocated paysplit for the total prepayment amount.
    Note: The default Unearned Type for the unallocated paysplit is determined by the Default unearned type for unallocated paysplits that is set in Account Module Preferences. It defaults to prepayment. To change the
  7. To assign a provider to the prepayment or assign a different prepayment type, see Paysplit Allocation.

The payment will show as a credit line item in the Patient Account ledger. The total unallocated amount will show under Unearned in the top aging bar.