Procedure Fees

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes, or press Ctrl+Shift+F.

Procedure code fees are entered by fee schedule in the Procedure Codes. Within a fee schedule there can be one global fee per procedure, or a procedure's fees can be specific to a provider and/or clinic.

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Enter Fees via the Procedure Code List

To quickly enter fees in a fee schedule, use the Procedure Code List.

  1. Highlight the procedure categories to show in the Procedures grid.
  2. Under Compare Fee Schedules, select the fee schedule(s) that you want to enter fees for. Up to three fee schedules can be selected at a time. If a fee schedule allows fees that are provider and/or clinic specific, both the clinic and provider options will be available. As you select criteria, the Fee 1, 2, and 3 columns will update with the current fees.
    • Fee Schedule: Click the dropdown or [...] to select the fee schedule.
    • Clinic: To enter fees specific to a clinic, click the drop down or [...] to select the clinic.
    • Provider: To enter fees specific to a provider, click the drop down or [...] to select the provider.
  3. Click in a fee column and enter the fee. Press tab to quickly move from cell to cell for quick data entry.
  4. When finished, click Close to save the fees and close the window.

View or Enter Fees by Procedure Code

To view all fees, for all fee schedules, for a specific procedure code, open the Procedure Code. From here you can also enter a global fee or edit provider or clinic-specific fees.

Open the Procedure Code List, then double click on a procedure to open it.

Global fees for each fee schedule list under Default Fees in the upper right. To edit a fee:

  1. Double click a row.
  2. Enter the fee.
  3. Click OK.

To view all fees, including provider and/or clinic-specific fees, click More next to View provider and clinic-specific fees.

All fees, grouped by fee schedule, will list. The fee schedule's global fee is indicated in bold. To edit a fee, double click the row, enter it, then click OK.

Procedure Fee Audit Trail

All changes made to procedure fees are tracked in the audit trail. To view, click Audit Trail next to View all Fee Changes.

Click X in the upper right to close the audit trail.