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Provider Income Transfer  

This window is obsolete starting in Version 6.9.  It has been merged into the Payment window.

In the main toolbar of the Account module, there is a dropdown menu on the right side of the Payment button. Click Provider Income Transfer.

This window also comes up automatically after entering an Insurance Payment. This can be disabled in the Account Module Preferences window. But for offices that track income by provider, this allows them to fine tune the provider balances.

All production entries (Procedures and Adjustments) already have a provider attached to them. For procedures, the Provider is simply the one who did the work. This could be a dentist or a hygienist. Initial assignment of the provider takes place automatically when the Appointment is marked Complete.

Because all production entries already have a provider, it is easy for Open Dental to assign the correct provider when entering insurance payments. Using the EOB, the payment can be easily split by procedure with very little additional effort. However, there is no automation for Patient Payments. It's much harder for the software to know how to split a patient payment. The reason that the window above is displayed after an insurance payment is not really to make alterations to the insurance payment. We already know that is accurate. It's really to compensate for the original patient payments which probably weren't split properly. After the insurance payment has been entered, it will be much easier to see how the patient payment must be split to cover the remainder. But it would be difficult to alter the original payment accurately. It is simpler to leave the original patient payments untouched, and make the transfer entries as shown above. The goal of these transfer entries is to make sure that no provider gets a negative balance. So use the transfers to move negative entries to the balances of other providers.


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