Edit Recall

On the Edit Recall window, you can manually add or change a patient's Recall interval, due date, and status. You can also disable a recall.

In the Family Module, Recall area, double click on a recall to edit, or click Add to add a new recall. Or double click a recall in the Recall List.

Type: The Recall Type. Cannot be changed.

Recall Interval: Automatically populated based on the interval set for the recall type. To change, enter a value in each field.

Previous Dates: The date of the patient's last recall appointment for this recall type, based on the completed procedures that trigger the recall.

Calculated Due Date: The recall due date, based on the Previous Date plus the recall interval.

Actual Due Date: Usually the same as the Calculated Due Date, but can be changed. If it exactly matches the Calculated Due Date, syncing recall types will update this recall. If this date is changed, syncing will not update this recall.

Scheduled Date: The date of the scheduled recall appointment (if scheduled).

Schedule ASAP: When checked, this appointment will be added to the ASAP List. Indicates the patient would like to be contacted as soon as an opening becomes available. See ASAP List.

Status: Used to track the communication status of the recall. It is reset when a recall appointment is set complete. Options can be customized in Definitions: Recall / Unsched Status.

Administrative Note: This note is deleted every time recall is reset. Right click to insert Quick Paste Notes.

Disable a Recall

Disabling a recall guarantees that the patient will not show up on the Recall List. This is preferred over deleting a recall because Open Dental will automatically add a recall back if certain criteria are met.

Delete: Only recalls with no Previous Date can be deleted. Otherwise you have to disable it instead.