Schedule Edit

To fill the schedule, begin by entering provider and employee time blocks for one day. Once one day is set up as you like, you can quickly fill the schedule using copy/paste/repeat.

  1. Open the Schedule Edit:

    The date shows in the upper left. Click the left or right arrow to move back or forward one day. Currently scheduled providers and employees for the day show under the List tab, Edit Day. Double click a row to edit a schedule. Usually time blocks are added/edited using the List tab. To add via the Graph tab, see Schedule Graph.

  2. Select the clinic in the upper right corner.
  3. Highlight the providers and/or employees the new time block will apply to. In each tab, only providers/employees that have access to the selected clinic will list. To select multiple names, click and drag, or press Ctrl or Shift while clicking. The number of selected providers/employees shows in parentheses.
  4. Click Add.
    Note: If both providers and employees are selected, a confirmation message will display first.

  5. Use the dropdowns to select the Start and Stop time or enter a time using the same format (00:00 AM).
  6. (optional) Usually providers are assigned to operatories. When an operatory is assigned to a time block it will override the operatory provider. This is useful when providers share operatories.
    • If an operatory is assigned to a time block, a colored vertical Time Bar will show in the Appointments schedule to the left of the time block (operatory time bar). Only one dentist timebar and one hygienist timebar can show simultaneously.
    • If using clinics, an operatory must be selected and only operatories assigned to the selected clinic are options.
  7. Enter any notes specific to this time block. This text box supports right click options (Right Click Text Box). These notes will appear next to the employee/provider's scheduled hours and under the Appointments module, Employee tab (Notes column).
  8. Click OK. If an operatory conflict or overlap is detected, a confirmation message will show. Click Yes to proceed or No to repeat step 7.For each time block created, a row will list under Edit Day.
  9. Click OK on the Edit Day window to save and close.

See Copy, Paste, Repeat below to quickly fill the schedule.

Deleting a time block: If you have no time blocks selected and click Delete, all time blocks will highlight and you will be asked to confirm the deletion of all entries. If you select a time block, then click Delete, the selected time block will be deleted without asking for confirmation. If you delete a time block by mistake, click Cancel and the deletion will not be saved. The design of this feature is intentional so users can quickly schedule without multiple confirmations.

Copy, Paste, Repeat

Once one day is set up, you can easily fill the schedule using copy/paste/repeat.

Copy/Paste a Day: Once a day is set up, copy/paste it to another day.

  1. Click on the day.
  2. Click Copy Day.
  3. Click on a different day, then click Paste.

Copy/Paste a Week: Once an entire week is set up, copy/paste it to another week.

  1. Click on any day in the week.
  2. Click Copy Week.
  3. Click on a day in a different week, then click Paste.

Copy/Repeat: Instead of pasting one day or week at a time, you can also paste repeatedly.

  1. Click on the day, or any day in the week.
  2. Click Copy Day or Copy Week.
  3. In the # box, enter the number of days/weeks you would like to repeat the schedule. Usually this is a large number, such as 500 days or 100 weeks.
  4. Click on the first day/week you would like the schedule to be copied to.
  5. Click Repeat.

Clear Weeks: Delete all schedule entries for the selected provider/employees, for the selected week.To clear multiple weeks, you can also go to a blank week, copy it, then repeat it. Make sure the Replace Existing box is checked (for example repeat it for 20 weeks to clear 20 weeks.)

Replace Existing: When checked, the schedule being pasted/repeated will replace any existing schedule. If you do not check this box when pasting/repeating, then the pasted/repeated schedule will be added to the existing schedule, but won't replace it.


Schedules that Alternate Weekly:

  1. Set up one week the way you like it.
  2. Copy that week and paste it using Repeat 16 to fill approximately 4 months.
  3. Alter one of the weeks to represent the alternate schedule. Copy that week, then paste one week at a time to each of the 8 alternating weeks.

Taking every third Friday off:

  1. Set up the standard schedule for a few months.
  2. Double click on one Friday, highlight all time blocks, and click the Delete button.
  3. Copy the day, then paste one day at a time to the Fridays you take off.