WebMail to Provider

To exchange patient information with another provider securely, you can use WebMail and the Patient Portal. This means you will need to create a record for the provider in Open Dental, and grant portal access.

  1. Add the provider to Open Dental. At a minimum, enter the provider's email address and assign a primary provider (usually the provider who will send the messages.
  2. Grant Portal Access to the provider, then supply the provider with their username and password.
  3. Select the provider, then click the Email dropdown, Secure WebMail.
  4. To attach a document, click Attach, then locate the file on your computer.
  5. Enter a Subject and Message.
  6. Click Send. A notification will be sent to the provider that a secure message is in the portal. They will need to log in to view or download the file. They can also use the portal to send a reply message.