Send Mass Email

In the Hosted Email window, click Mass Email List.

Mass Emails is an eService that allows users to send an email to a selected list of patients at once. Activate Mass Email in eServices Setup.

Setup Templates: Click to add and customize email templates. See Mass Email Templates.


Use User Query: If the filters above do not provide the list of patients needed, check this box to run a query instead. Queries must include a Select statement and include any table with a PatNum column. SET statements cannot be used and will cause an error.

When checked, the information above shows a Query box instead. Enter the query, then click Refresh to see results.

Sending Mass Emails

  1. Select the recipients from the Available Patients list and click Set Selected or Set All to select all patients on the list. An X in the Send column indicates these patients are selected to receive an email.
    Note: Before emails are sent, patient email addresses are checked to ensure they are valid. Invalid emails will fail; however, the email is still commlogged on the patient's account.
  2. Select the email to send to each patient from the Email Template the dropdown.
  3. Click Prepare to Send. A preview of the email will open.

    To preview the email with patient data, click Select Patient [...]. Select a patient for the sample preview, and check Display rendering with replaced data.

    The preview does not include the unsubscribe and spam statements below, but they are included in the final email. These are required and cannot be turned off. If a patient unsubscribes, any future mass emails sent will fail.

  4. Review the email and change the Sender and Return email address information, as necessary.
    • Alias of sender: Enter a personalized description of your email address.
    • NoReply / Senders address: Defaults to the selection set in Hosted Email Address Verification. When NoReply is selected, mass emails are sent from, otherwise, the verified senders' address is used instead.
    • Return email address: Select an email address to use when a patient replies to a mass email.
  5. When ready to send, click Send Emails. On the confirmation window, click Yes to confirm, and continue or click No to cancel the email.
  6. A copy of the email will be sent to the return email address. Open the email and verify the email content is correct. When prompted, click Yes to verify the email is correct.
  7. Once complete, click OK on the confirmation window to finish.