Send Mass Email (Advertising)

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Advertising, Mass Email.

This window will display when the practice has Mass Emails enabled. If Mass Emails is not enabled, the Mass Email (Advertising) Setup window opens instead.

Mass Emails is an eService that allows users to send an email to a selected list of patients at once. See Mass Email: Workflow for a step-by-step breakdown of sending mass email.

At the top, click a button to view setup or templates.

Email Address

Determine which email address to send the emails from.

Template Select

Select which email template to send.

Email Template

Displays the template's email subject, group name, plain body text, and HTML view.

Select Patients

Select which patients the email will be sent to.

Template Preview

Preview the template with the fields filled with patient and practice information. This allows you to view the email as a patient would see it.

Send Email