Template Forms

Templates are frequently used images or PDF files that can be quickly saved to a patient.

In the Imaging Module, click Forms.

Click the dropdown to view a list of available forms. If an image category is already selected, the form will automatically be placed in that category. If no category is selected, the top-most category is used.

Once the form is saved, add notes, electronically sign, or print the image.

Note: If signed, the note cannot be changed without invalidating the signature. See Electronic Signatures.

For documents that require a patient to fill out information, see Patient Forms/Registration Forms and Consent Forms.

Add Templates

To add a form to the dropdown list, navigate to Forms in the A to Z Folder. If a folder called Forms does not exist, add it.

Copy/paste any image into this folder to act as a template.

Restart Open Dental. New templates will be available in the dropdown list.