Integrated Texting Q and A

How do I get started?

Sign up for Integrated Texting. See eServices Signup.

Are there character limitations for integrated texting messages?

What happens when my message exceeds the message segment limit of 160 characters?

In the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada each additional 160 characters is also charged a fee.

EXAMPLES Fee per outgoing message
160 characters $0.04 per message fee
162 characters $0.04 + 0.01 1 additional 2 character message segment(160 character + 2 character)
321 characters $0.04 + 0.01 + 0.01 2 additional character message segments(160 character + 160 character + 1 character)

For international message segment limitations, see International Fees.

Note: Non-English language characters may significantly increase the size of text messages and cause charges to vary.

Can images and videos be sent via text message?

No, text messages can only contain the characters noted above.

What if I send a text message to a landline number instead of a mobile number?

In the U.S. and most other countries, text messages to a landline will be rejected. In Canada, some mobile numbers have been mistakenly marked as landlines. Thus, we allow messages to be sent to all numbers, even if marked as a landline. If the number is a mobile device, the text will be sent and you will be charged. If the number is a true landline, the message will not be sent, but you will still be charged.

My patients all have Text OK set to ??. Do I have to manually change them all to Yes in order to send text messages?

No, you do not have to manually change the status. In Family Module Preferences, uncheck Text Msg OK status, treat ?? as No instead of Yes. All patients with a Text OK status of ?? will receive texts.

Do I need to be on support to use Integrated Texting?

You need to be on support to sign up for integrated texting. This will give you access to version updates and support as you begin using the new service. After a brief support period, you can cancel support and continue to use the integrated texting service if you choose, however monthly limits cannot be changed if you are not on support.

How do I cancel Integrated Texting?

You must cancel the service using the Signup Portal or by contacting Open Dental. Canceling support will not automatically cancel integrated texting.