Version 18.2

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Version 18.2 was released on 09/21/2018. EHR certified 2014 edition.

.NET 4.5.2 is required. See .NET to upgrade (Windows 7 users).

Major Changes

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Supply Inventory

HTML formatted emails added to send emails with embedded images, tables, different text color, fonts, headings, and links. HTML Emails
Enter a term date for a provider to restrict sending claims, sending prescriptions, and scheduling or completing appointments. Provider
Stop Database Maintenance button finishes current DBM and cancels the queued tools. Database Maintenance
Some changes made by the database maintenance tool are tracked in the table dbmlog. Database Maintenance
2018 ICD 10 codes. ICD-10 Codes
Improved billing summary window to include billing error details. Billing List
Add time card rules that prevent employees from clocking in before a designated time. Time Card Setup
Allow paid 30 minute breaks preference determines whether break time is considered paid or unpaid, and whether the Break option is available in the Time Clock. Manage Module Preferences
Removed Oracle Database Type label and list box from the Choose Database window. Oracle
Exam sheet enhancement to warn users before overwriting changes others have made while the window is open. Exam Sheet
EstPatientPortion added as an output text field for routing slips. Output Text Field Names
EstPatientPortion added as an available field for the Edit Appointment window. Display Fields
referral.nameL added as an output text field for Referral Letters. Output Text Field Names
Alphabetize quick paste notes within a category. Quick Paste Notes Setup
Diagnostics button added to About window to show user general system settings. About
Accounting entries are no longer created for income transfers when Auto Payment Entries is set up. Accounting Transactions
Receive a warning when provider schedules overlap. Schedule Setup
Minor changes to the Copy/Paste section in Schedule Setup. Schedule Setup
Search progress notes for a specific word or phrase. Show Chart Views
Reorder or alphabetize CEMT connections. CEMT Connections
Additional security checks added to the CEMT tool. CEMT Security
Security permissions reorganized in the Security window. Security Window
Enforce Clinic Specialty option added to Appointments Module Preferences. Appointments Module Preferences
Option to show patient specialty in the main title bar and patient select area of the Account module. Miscellaneous Setup
Specialty added as available field for the Select Patient window and Chart Patient Information areas. Display Fields
Days of supply in the Edit Rx window can now handle partial days. Rx / Prescription
Option to Show patient account numbers in the Transworld AR Manager. TSI Interface
Last Proc added as an available column for the Transworld AR Manager grids (ArManagerSentGrid, ArManagerUnsentGrid). Display Fields
Audit trail entry when a user changes a user group's permissions or changes a user's group. "Security Admin" Permission
Integration with DentalXChange Attachment Service. DentalXChange Attachment