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Version 18.2

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Version 18.2 (beta) was released on 07/16/2018.

Major Changes

  • HTML formatted emails added to send emails with embedded images, tables, different text color, fonts, headings, and links.
  • Term date added for providers to restrict sending claims, prescriptions, and scheduling or completing appointments.
  • New Patient Status Setter tool to inactivate patients that have not been in for a specified time.
  • ACH option added for Pay Simple.
  • New income transfer manager.

Changes by Category


  • Closing a payment plan will no longer remove remaining future adjustments.


  • "Unrestricted Search" permission allows users who are restricted to a specific clinic to search all patients in the database and change a patient's clinic from the Patient Information grid.
  • Improved time required to generate statements for multiple clinics.
  • Clinic filter added to Web Forms window.


  • Prevent multiple confirmation texts from being sent in a single day for the same patient.
  • Save button enabled when changes are made to web form setup preferences.
  • Default user's clinic to the last clinic the user was on when logging in to MobileWeb.
  • Disable Signature preference added to web forms.
  • Check box added to enable or disable typed signatures on web forms.
  • Option to exclude a patient from eConfirmations and Reminders.
  • Time slot finding logic changed for the Web Sched appointment search.
  • Web Sched Recalls can now be sent out for custom recall types.
  • Preference to add a disclaimer to eService emails with an option for patients to unsubscribe.
  • Statement URL will now require patients to login to view the statement.


  • Additional frequency limitation categories added.
  • Fields in the Edit Claim Payment window can be made required via the Required Fields window.
  • New preference added to allow, warn, or prevent users from creating claims with $0 procedures.
  • Option to calculate PPO write-offs on substituted procedure codes.
  • Show HTML view panel for EDS eligibility requests (271s).
  • Send Electronically dropdown menu added to Edit Insurance Plan window to allow or prevents claims by insurance plan from being sent electronically.
  • Waiting Period benefit type added.


  • Allow users to preselect account payment plan charges and adjustments when adding a new payment.
  • Credit card token labels added to indicate the credit card processing company the token was saved to with option to prevent users from saving additional tokens to the processing company.
  • Credit card security code (CVV) and zip code can be entered for PayConnect transactions for saved tokens.
  • Option to automate recurring charges.
  • Recurring charges will now stop when Open Dental is shut down.


  • New option to group the Insurance Aging Report by carrier or group name and filter the list by carrier or group name.
  • Option to only view preauthorized claims in the Outstanding Insurance Claims report.
  • Procedure Codes report renamed to Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules
  • Procedures Not Billed report now non-modal and includes a new right-click go to account option.
  • PayPlan Credit and Production - PayPlanCredits columns added to Receivables Breakdown report when the Account Module Preference, Pay Plan Charge Logic is set to Age Credits and Debits.

Stop Database Maintenance button finishes current DBM and cancels the queued tools.
Changes made by the database maintenance tool will be tracked in the table dbmlog.
Track shipping using a new field in Supply Orders window.
User interface updates to the Supply Order window.
Add all supplies on the shopping list to a new or existing pending order using the Add to Order button in the Supply Order window.
Track who placed an order in the Supply Order window.
Supply inventory to auto calculate quantity when adding to order.
Add time card rules that prevent employees from clocking in before a designated time.
Preference to remove the break option from time cards.
Removed Oracle Database Type label and list box from the Choose Database window. Oracle
Exam sheet enhancement to warn users before overwriting changes others have made while the window is open.
Output Field for EstPatientPortion added to Routing Slips.
Output Field for referral.nameL added to Referral Letter.
New Alphabetize button in the Quick Paste Notes window.
Improved billing summary window to include billing error details.
Shutdown Workstations window improved for the update process.
Feature Requests window now includes new comment indicator and lists number of comments.
Version Completed column added to Feature Request window.
Filter Feature Request window by Mine and My Votes.
Bounty $ field removed from the Feature Request window. Users can also no longer edit the description and detail fields after a request is submitted.
Diagnostics button added to About window to show user general system settings.
Accounting entries are no longer created for income transfers if Auto Payment Entires is set up.
Add discount plan indicator to appointment view and appointment bubble.
Show Appointment Module Daily Production when NetProduction is added to View.
Appointment search speed enhanced for clinics and search results are limited to providers on the schedule for the selected appointment view.
View broken appointments in the ASAP list and Web Sched ASAP.
New copy, paste, and clipboard functions for provider and employee schedule set up with a checkbox option to warn when provider schedules overlap.
Date of service column added to the Transworld A/R Manager.
Search progress notes.
CEMT connections can now be sorted.
Speed enhancement made to the Account module.
Security permissions reorganized in the Security window.
Visual indicators added to the interface that the patient is a clone.
Days of supply in the Edit Rx window can now handle partial days.


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