Web Sched

In the Main Menu, click eServices, Web Sched.

Web Sched Recall

Define available operatories, appointment types, and communication rules from Web Sched Recall.

Web Sched Recall: What Patient Sees

Web Sched New Patient

Web Sched New Patient will guide you through enabling the feature and creating rules for new patient appointments scheduled online.

Web Sched New Patient: What Patient Sees

Web Sched ASAP

Unlike Web Sched for New Patients or Recall appointments Web Sched ASAP is not automated. Web Sched ASAP is done from the Appointments Module by right clicking on an open time slot.

The Web Sched ASAP History window is used to track messages sent and patient actions.

Web Sched ASAP: What Patient Sees

Web Sched Notify

Web Sched Notify Setup governs optional confirmation messages sent for appointments created via each type of Web Sched.

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