Welcome to Open Dental, the complete Practice Management Software used by dentists around the world. Use the information below to get started using the software in your practice.


After a data conversion:

Fresh installation:



To help you learn how to use Open Dental, the following resources are available:

When you order the full version, an Open Dental support technician will often update the software on your main computer and perform some minor required setup. If you update on your own, or want to install on individual workstations, refer to the following instructions.


eServices are internet-based features available through Open Dental that can provide enhanced access for patients and providers, and automate many tasks. The result is increased productivity and efficiency and a better patient experience, which translates into improved patient retention and practice growth.


If you are participating in the EHR Medicaid or Medicare Incentive Program and have purchased Open Dental EHR functionality and reporting, your next steps depend on your participation year.


If you will be sending PHI to Open Dental for any reason, please be sure to sign and date the Open Dental Business Associate Agreement. We do not sign alternate versions of Business Associate Agreements from customers or other third parties because we do not have the resources to review them.

Fill out the CDT Compliance Form and submit to us at your earliest convenience. This is required by the American Dental Association CDT content license.

Take some time to understand HIPAA and Your Practice.

Foreign Customers

Open Dental headquarters is location in the United States, but many offices around the world use our software. See our International Customers page for more information.

Many enhancements have been made to support Canada customers.