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EHR Objective 2: Clinical Decision Support ( CDS )

This information applies to EHR Modified Stage 2 for Program Years 2015 to 2018. For current information, see:

Measures: CDS rules trigger CDS interventions that provide evidence-based clinical guidance when a user is making a clinical decision. Providers must satisfy both measures to satisfy this objective.

  1. Measure 1: Implement five clinical decision support interventions related to four or more CQMs or high-priority health conditions at a relevant point of patient care for the entire reporting period.
  2. Measure 2: Enable and implement drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks for the entire EHR reporting period.

Exclusion Available?

Yes. If a provider writes less than 100 medication orders during the reporting period, an exclusion is available for measure 2 (drug interaction checks).

Note: EHR providers in New York do not qualify for this exclusion because the state requires e-prescribing. Use eRx comprehensive so that drug interaction checks and formulary checks are enabled.


2017 Spec Sheet (PDF)

2018 Spec Sheet (PDF)

Clinical Decision Support Tip Sheet (PDF)



These are Yes/No measures and not based on a percentage calculation. Per the CMS recommendation, capture and save one or more dated screenshots of setup and occurrence as evidence you have implemented required CDS rule(s) and enabled drug interaction checks during the reporting period.


CDS interventions:

Drug interaction checks:

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