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NewCrop eRx Feature

NewCrop eRx is an internet-based, secure, electronic prescribing system. It only works in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico.


  • Electronic prescribing including controlled substances.
  • Comprehensive drug database including medication synchronization, prescriber monographs, and patient education leaflets.
  • Interaction checking including Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy, Drug-Diagnosis, and Drug-Age.
  • Real-time benefits such as Prior Authorizations and Formulary coverage.
  • Drug history including state PDMP access.


  • Valid Open Dental registration key. The key must be active (currently on support) to enable NewCrop eRx.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • A high-speed connection for efficient use (cable, DSL, etc.).


For pricing, see Fees for Support and Services, Electronic Prescriptions.

eRx fees are non-refundable once charges are initiated for the service month. eRx fees cannot be refunded by Open Dental as the companies providing the background services charge for access, not usage.

Ensure only office staff with the authority to initiate charges are registering new providers for eRx. If a provider leaves your practice, you must cancel the eRx service for the provider to prevent future non-refundable charges. Neither Open Dental Staff nor Management can remove or refund charges once they have been incurred.

Additional Details:

  • Provider identity proofing fees will be added to your next statement.
  • Monthly fees are billed in advance and appear on your statement the month after you first access NewCrop eRx or use any feature in the interface.
  • The EPCS fee is paid directly to NewCrop eRx during the registration process.
  • If you ever stop using NewCrop eRx, contact Open Dental support to cancel or monthly fees will continue.

For all issues (identity proofing, passwords, support, sign up) contact Open Dental Support only.


See NewCrop eRx Credentialing.

Contact Open Dental support. We will activate the service and walk you through identity proofing and credentialing.

  • The provider must be present during the call and should allocate ~30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Open Dental will not assist with setup if the provider is not present.
  • Enter required information in Open Dental prior to the call. See Required NewCrop eRx Information.
  • The following documentation will be needed for credentialing so have it ready.
  • It may take up to approximately 2 business days to approve credentials.

EPCS sign up requires additional steps after identity proofing and credentialing have been approved and validated. Contact Open Dental Support for assistance.



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