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Patient Portal Feature

The Patient Portal is an eService hosted by Open Dental and gives patients instant access to their health information. It also allows providers and patients to exchange private, Secure WebMail messages.

Feature Highlights

Watch our video: A Quick Look at Patient Portal.

    Patient Portal allows patients to do the following:
  • View statements and Make Payments
  • See upcoming appointments
  • Review Treatment Plans
  • Send and receive secure WebMail
  • View images and PDFs
  • And more!

Secure Email users can also use Patient Portal to send and receive Secure Email.

Try out Patient Portal

Want to try out Patient Portal before setting it up in your own database? Check out our Patient Portal Demo.

Getting Started

Patient Portal is available at no additional fee for practices on support with a unique, active registration key.

For a list of supported browsers see Computer Requirements.

Once you're ready, your office can select which Patient Portal Features are enabled and which patients have Access to Patient Portal. Then set up Patient Portal and determine invite settings

Your office also has the option to Host your own Patient Portal. This is a highly technical process and Open Dental does not provide support on this setup.

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