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Version 12.0

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Version 12.0 was released on 2/10/2012

Coordination of Benefits: COB rules can be set per insurance plan as well as a global default. COB.

EOB scanning: Insurance Payments have a place to attach scanned EOBs for later reference. Finalize Insurance Payment.

Command-line Arguments: Many more command-line arguments added so that specific Open Dental databases, users, and patients may be launched from batch files, from shortcuts, and from other programs. Command-line.

Central Enterprise Management Tool: Customers with multiple locations and separate databases now have a way to magage and interact with those separate databases from a centralized tool. Central Manager.

Popups for Family: Popups can now be family level or even superfamily level. Multiple popups per patient and/or family. Popups.

Minor Changes
Billing default messages for email subject and body. Billing.
Email statement fields: nameF, nameFL, PatNum. Billing.
CC recurring charges can be applied to payment plans. Recurring Charges.
Consent forms can now be sent to the kiosk.
Security permission for changing subscriber on existing plan. Security.
Chart module can be made to load more quickly by not showing as many object types in the Show tab.
Chart module Progress Notes, order of rows has been overhauled. Show Tab Chart.
Appointment views, when show ops for sched provs, clinic filter added. Appointment Views.
UB04 claimform now included. Medical Ins.
FeeSchedules can no longer be hidden if in use by a Provider. Fee Schedules.
Claimform 1500 now part of database for everyone rather than requiring a download.
Sheets with multiple large background images work better.
Clinics: Filter recall list, confirmation list, unscheduled list, and billing list. Appointment Lists.
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