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Version 12.3

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Version 12.3 was released on 10/4/2012

Text Messages: Send text messages to patients for appointment confirmations and more via CallFire for only $0.03 per message. CallFire.

Import Medical History: Patient allergies, medications, and problems can be imported using sheets. Works for both kiosk and web forms. Patient Forms Import.

Import Insurance Plans: Primary and secondary insurance plans can be imported using sheets. Works for both kiosk and web forms. Patient Forms Import.

Program Links: Local path overrides. Program Links.

Minor Changes
SecurityLog.FKey added so that appointment audit is for a single appointment only.
Sheet def edit, rectangle selection on perimeter so that underlying items can be clicked on.
Option for appointment time locked by default. Also prevents recalc of time when changing procs.
Making appointments is faster now when double clicking or when using new buttons at the right.
Display field for procedure code abbreviation in Chart module Progress notes.
Age limit for prophy and fluoride on child recall appointment, instead of being hard coded to 12 years old.
QuickBooks, added button for sending an existing deposit to QB. Also, memo can be sent. QuickBooks.
Batch insurance payment window, search field to filter by carrier. Batch Insurance Payment.
Security permission for creating a new carrier.
Appointment confirmation list can now be sorted to exclude or only show recall appointments.
Titlebar can now be set to show a patient's birthdate instead of PatNum or ChartNumber. Miscellaneous Setup.
Security permission ImageDelete can have a date or days limitation.
Security permission for Dashboard added. Permissions.
Default ICD9 code for procedures. Chart Module Preferences.
When using clinics, the payment edit window can show family balances grouped by provider. Payments.
Security permission for editing Auto Notes and Quick Notes added.
Tscan bridge. Tscan.
ClioSoft bridge. ClioSoft.
5010 999 eclaim acknowledgments.
5010 277 eclaim acknowledgments.
Installment Plans have been added to the Account Module as an alternative to Payment Plans. Installment Plans.
Batch insurance payment window now shows clinics. Batch Insurance Payment.
When adding new providers, they are added above the currently selected providers.
Procedure button with exactly 6 codes on it of PA,PA+,PA+,PA+,PA+,PA+, will assign tooth numbers to the PA+ codes of 8,14,19,24, and 30 respectively.

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