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Version 15.3

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Version 15.3 was released on 11/18/2015.

Integrated Texting: A two-way text messaging service hosted by Open Dental. This is a paid service. Integrated Texting

  • Receive free and unlimited text messages from patient to office.
  • Send text messages for a per message fee.
  • Dedicated phone numbers for each clinic or office using Open Dental.
  • Patients can respond with no time limit.
  • CommLogs automatically created for all messages.
  • Set monthly text message limits by location.
  • Send confirmation text messages directly from the Appointment Module.
  • View text log for selected messages. Reply to selected message from text log.

Fee Schedules:

  • New fee schedule preference determines whether fees apply globally to all providers/clinics or can be changed for specific providers/clinics. Fee Schedules
  • Associate procedure fees in a fee schedule to specific providers and/or clinics. Procedure Code List
  • New definition for fee colors. Definitions Fee Colors

Web SchedEnhancements:Web Sched

  • Settings that determine available appointment slots can be previewed and edited on the eServices Setup, Web Sched tab. Web Sched Recall Setup
  • Only operatories flagged as 'Is Web Sched' are considered when searching for available time slots. Operatory Setup
  • Set provider considerations when determining available time slots (first available, primary, secondary, last seen hygienist).
  • Available time slots are based on appointment length (no longer hour blocks).
  • Start/end times are based on time increments of the schedule (no longer limited to on-the-hour start times).

Central Enterprise Management Tool: Central Enterprise Management Tool

Payment Plan: Recalculate amortization schedules for prepayments or payments to principal while preserving historical payments. Payment Plan

Non-Dental Practices or Clinics: Set a practice or clinic as "non-dental". Clinic SetupPractice Setup
If set as non-dental, most tooth and surface references are removed from the interface. Non-Dental Practice/Clinic

  • Graphical tooth chart removed from the module
  • Tabs for missing teeth, movements and primary removed from the module
  • Buttons for Perio Chart, Tooth Chart and Ortho Chart removed from the Chart Module toolbar.
  • Labels that reference teeth or surfaces are hidden throughout the software
  • Procedure Code column widened in Reports.

ICD-10 Codes: New preference to use ICD-10 instead of ICD-9 diagnosis codes on procedures. ICD Diagnosis Codes

Minor Changes:
Podium program link. Automates patient review generation. Podium OD
Dental Intel button added to reports window. Business intelligence dashboards. Dental Intel
DentalTek program link. VOIP phone integration with Open Dental. DentalTek Info
Indicate late patients in the appointment schedule using color or by showing (L). Appointment View Edit Window
Show birthdate in the appointment schedule. Appointment View Edit Window, Appointment View Setup
Set the default start time in the appointment schedule by appointment view. Appointment View Edit Window, Appointment View Setup
Preference to limit the number of electronic billing statements sent per batch. Manage Module Preferences
Preference to open patient address in Google Maps. Family Module Preferences
Preference to set a default stop/start date for patient medications. Chart Module Preferences
Preference to set the insurance writeoff description. Account Module Preferences
Preference to use clinic billing address on claims. Clinic Setup
When using patient clone, view sheets in both the original patient account and the clone account. Patient Clone
eCW: CDT codes longer than five characters allowed in outbound DFT messages. eClinical Works HL7 Message Structure
eCW: Option to verify that all procedure notes are complete upon Finish and Send. eClinicalWorks - Installlation and Bridge Setup
eCW: Option to verify that all procedure notes are signed upon Finish and Send. eClinicalWorks - Installlation and Bridge Setup
Patient address information uses different 'Same for entire family' checkbox than provider and billing information. Edit Patient Information
New status options for sent prescriptions (Faxed, CalledIn, GaveScript, Pending). Prescriptions / New Rx
Update window indicates the date and time a user updated Open Dental. Update Open Dental Versions
eServices menu item turns yellow to indicate errors connecting to the listener service.
Phone numbers in text boxes automatically formatted. Selecting Patients
Daily and Monthly Production and Income report use Complex Report system. Production and Income Report
Zoom in button added to reports using the Complex Report system. Complex Report System
Annual Production and Income Report displays multiple years. Production and Income Report
Procedure Code report can be filtered by clinic or provider. Uses Complex Report system. Procedure Code Report
New Active Patients Report that uses Complex Report system. Active Patient Report Choose Payment Plan Report start/end dates from dropdown calendar. Payment Plan Report
New command line arguments: Module and Show. Command Line Arguments
Enhancements to Update in Progress window. Update Open Dental Versions
Hiding an operatory is not allowed if future appointments are scheduled in it. Operatory Setup
New automation available when insurance plan effective date ends. Automation
EHR dashboard shows line items for all core and menu measures and allows entry of notes for yes/no measures. EHR Stage 1 Dashboard
Note field on edit laboratory window lengthened to allow up to 30,000 characters. Laboratories
Change column width, order and description in StatementMainGrid when using sheets for statements. Display Fields
Images sort by date and time in Images Module. Images Module
Birth dates entered on select patient window carry over when adding new patient(s). Selecting Patients
Reorder or hide Patient Field Defs. Custom Patient Fields
Display fields added for PatientSelect (Next Visit, Last Visit, Cell Phone, Sec Prov). Display Fields
TaskEdit permission. Permissions
Changes to the behavior of TaskNoteEdit permission. Permissions
Audit trail for tasks. Tasks
Confirmation list is non-modal. Right-click to select patient, open a chart, or send to pinboard. Confirmation List
ASAP list is non-modal. Right-click to select patient, open the chart, send to pinboard or remove from the list. ASAP List
Appointments can no longer be deleted from the ASAP or Confirmation list. ASAP List, Unscheduled ListConfirmation List
Entry is added to the audit trail when an appointment is confirmed or appointment length is changed. Audit Trail
Clinics show billing and pay-to addresses. Clinic Setup
Procedures in the treatment plan module show an X when using substitution codes. Treatment Plan
Generate CQM encounters based on completed procedures in a date range. Generate Encounter Codes
Ortho Chart date entries sorted oldest to newest, automatically scroll to most recent dates. Ortho Chart
Non-billing entity override can be associated to a provider. Provider List
Customize provider specialties. Definitions
Changed the tab order on Adjustments window. Cursor defaults to Amount field when window opens. Adjustments
Show Shopping List and OnHandQty added to Supply Inventory. Supplies
Status field added to Equipment. Equipment
UpdateFiles folder stored inside database instead of AtoZ folders. Install on a Workstation Topaz model BSB signature pad supported. Electronic Signatures
Broken Appointment Procedure window automatically opens when an appointment is broken using code D9986. Break an Appointment
Broken appointment procedures and adjustments display in the same text color in the Account Module. Break an Appointment
New preference to automatically open the Adjustment window when an appointment is broken using code D9986. Appointment Module Preferences
Time card rules can be defined for everyone and specific employees. Time Card Setup
"Provider" replaces "dentist" throughout software.

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