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Version 5.2

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Released on 10/11/07

Provider Balances by Family: When entering a patient patient payment, the provider balances show and can be adjusted on the Payment. This helps with proper Income tracking by provider. See the section at the bottom of Production and Income for a discussion of the important difference between production and income.

Provider Income Transfers:Provider Income Transfers allow making transfer entries that move income from one provider to another. These transfer entries are also automated to show immediately after entering insurance payments. This is the second half of the enhancement which allows tracking Income by provider. Previously, we had only been able to support provider tracking by Production rather than by Income.

Insurance Payment Entry:Insurance Payment entry is now faster because you can edit the numbers directly in the grid instead of having to double click on each row to open another window to edit the number. So offices with large volumes that enter a lot of EOBs every day will be able to do it much faster.

Billing address can now be different than office address for insurance claims.
Trojan Express Collect: Built-in support for sending a guarantor to collections.
Ability to hide a user from the list (instead of the previous workaround).
Credit Card and expiration of patient can be stored in database (if security risk is understood).
Accounting: Search by amount or payee.
Show birthdate and age in Chart module.
Employee list always shows hidden employees.
Option to not show the appointment bubbles.

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