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Version 5.7

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Version 5.7 was released on 7/6/08.

New Family: A scripted window for handling incoming phone calls and quickly entering a new family. All family members, Ins, etc entered from one single window saves a lot of time and mouse clicks. Especially useful in pedo offices. Family Add.

PPO writeoffs: Alternative production reports that show writeoffs as applied on the day of service rather than on the day of the insurance payment. Ins Plan Types.

Claims now have more fields for attachment quantities and types. The info (not the attachments themselves) will go out on both e-claims and paper claims. Claim Edit.

Appointments have a new field called TimeLocked. This checkbox can turn on or off the automatic time calculations. Appointment Edit.

Lab due dates now show on appointments.

Tooth ranges now show in Chart, Account, TP, and appointment edit windows.

Appointment edit window now uses layman's term on each procedure.

TaskLists: Inboxes can be set for each user. Automatic refreshing now works for all lists. Reply button added. Task List.

Deposit Slips will now print the account number at the bottom in the same font as on a preprinted deposit slip. Deposit Slip.

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