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Version 6.4

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Version 6.4 was released on 3/16/09

Recall: Recall now includes ALL patients, regardless of any triggers. Multiple reminders can be tracked, with separate messages for each. Recall.

Sheets: A custom sheet can be copied. Fields can be added within the text of paragraphs. Sheets.

Auto Notes: Overhauled interface is more user-friendly, includes multiSelect prompts, and has enhanced functionality. Auto Notes. (caution: If you are using AutoNotes, read that page in the manual before upgrading. AutoNotes will need to be re-entered.)

Minor changes:
The lab case list now has an option to show lab cases unattached to appointments.
in Lists, Insurance Plans. You can hide all inactive plans with one button.
Moving an appointment now more intelligently handles the IsHygiene checkbox.

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