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Version 7.2

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Version 7.2 was released on 9/28/2010. The following features are included.

W on Graphical Tooth Chart: A paint type for watch. Procedure Code Edit.

Guardians: For Pedo offices, guardians can be assigned to children. Examples are Mother, Father, Stepmother, Stepfather, Grandmother, Grandfather, Sitter. The names of the guardians can show in the Family module and Appointment module. Guardians.

Appointment Fields: Any number of user-defined fields can be set up for appointments. Appointment Fields.

Appointment Views: Elements can show at UR or LR corners of appointments. They can stack vertically or horizontally. Appointments Fields can be shown. A number of additional elements to pick from. Appointment Views.

Minor Changes
Selecting a query favorite can be done with a double click.
Plugins can have [VersionMajMin] in their names, and can use __ to exclude from file copy.
5 minute appointment time increments.
Progeny bridge. Progeny.

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