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Version 7.9

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Version 7.9 was released on 7/8/2011

Credit Cards: Automatic recurring charges. Only works with X-charge.

Problems: The old Diseases feature was renamed to Problems and also split off into Allergies. ICD9s can now also be problems. Problems, Allergies, ICD9s.

Drug Interactions: Interactions supported include: drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-problem. Both custom and default messages supported. Rx Setup.

Mobile: Appointment colors show, calendar added for jumping to different dates, and appt notes show in edit window. Mobile.

Minor Changes
eCW users can now manually change patient fee schedules as an option. eCW.
eCW Chart module resizes better.
patient.PatNum added as an available field to claimforms. Intended for box 23.
Show broken appointments on unscheduled list using a filter. Unscheduled List.

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