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Planned Tracker Webinar

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Appointment Lists III - Implementing Planned Tracker
45 minutes + Q & A
This webinar focuses on several approaches to using the Planned Tracker.  Attendees will learn how to monitor treatment planned procedures by creating planned tracker appointments. 

Introduction: Planned Appointments allow the clinical staff to communicate what the patient is to be seen for next, without any paperwork or verbal communication. After patients leave the office, staff will know there is a scheduled appointment, or, if not, why. It allows staff to manage patients and track patients that could be scheduled.

  • Planned Appointments in the Chart Module
    • Creating planned appointments
    • Deleting planned appointments
    • Use of the 'Done' checkbox
  • Planned Tracker List in Appointment module
    • Managing the Planned Tracker List
    • Using Planned Tracker list to fill holes in your schedule
  • View Patient Appointment button in Appointment Module
  • Examples
  • Questions and Answers (as time permits)

Watch the webinar:
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