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Webinar: Using eRx (version 17.3 and earlier)

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Note: In 17.4 and greater, eRx is renamed Legacy eRx.

Using eRx (version 17.3 and earlier)
40 minutes + Q&A

  • Introduction and launching eRx (2 mins)
    • Requirements to launching eRx interface
  • Interface Orientation (8 mins)
    • Review pending, failed and Pharmacy renewal requests
    • Review status of preauthorizations
    • Drug sets and compounds
    • Favorite's list (Doctor's List)
    • Allergy lists
    • Current med entry
    • Changing assigned pharmacies
  • Composing eRx (23 mins)
    • Searching for drugs
    • Drug monographs (information on drug and dosing reccomendations)
    • Patient drug information/education
    • Dosing instructions
    • Saving favorites
    • Multiple drug prescribing
    • Requesting preauthorizations
    • Approal/Review list
    • Printing prescriptions
    • Submitting Legacy eRx to pharmacy
    • View in Open Dental of Legacy eRx
  • Comprehensive/EHR eRx (5 mins)
    • Formulary checking
    • Adding and selecting health plans
    • Allergy and Drug interaction check
    • Detailed interaction view
  • Controlled subtances (2 mins)
    • NDC code
    • Obsolete drugs
    • Schedule indicator
    • Controlled substance subscription check.

Watch the webinar:
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