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Introduction to Sheets Webinar

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Sheets I - Introduction to Sheets
30 minutes + Q & A
Learn what Sheets are and how to create custom sheets. Webinar will focus on use of basic Consent Forms and Patient Letters.

  • Overview of sheets and sheet types (Sheet Defs window)
  • Create a new consent form, Add or Customize a Sheet
    • Sheet design - overview of the Edit Sheet window
    • Edit the properties of your new consent form, Edit Properties
    • Select, move, and edit fields on the sheet
    • Preview, save, and use your new consent form
  • Create a patient letter
    • Use the tool buttons
    • Edit, save, and use your new patient letter
  • Review of Sheet Defs window
  • Questions and Answers (as time permits)

Watch the webinar:
To enter full screen mode, click the lower right corner when the video is playing.

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