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CEMT Connections

You can connect to unlimited databases using the Central Enterprise Managment Tool (CEMT). You can also group connections together to make running reports easier.

Database Connections
To set up individual database connections:
1. On the main Central Manager window, click Setup, Connections.

2. Click Add, or double click an existing connection to edit.

3. Enter connnection details, then click OK.

  • Each connection can be a direct database connection with a mysql username and password (see MySQL Security) OR a Middle Tier connection. 
  • Open Dental username and password can be included in the connection information. All passwords are symmetrically encrypted in the database. 
  • There is a note field on each connection.

Connection Groups
Connection groups are useful when you want to run reports for a certain grouping of database connections. From here you can also set a default connection group.
1. On the main Central Manager window, click Setup, Groups.

In the upper left, select the default connection group. This group will be the default group that shows when the CEMT is launched.

2. Click Add, or double click an existing group to edit.

3. Define the group:

  • Description: Enter an identifying name.
  • Add: Add a database connection. A list of all connections not yet in the group will show.

    - Highlight the connections to add to this group, then click OK.
    - To create a new connection, click Add, then enter the connection information on the Edit Connection window (see Database Connections above).
  • Remove: Highlight a connection, then click Remove to remove it from the group.
  • Delete: Click Delete to permanently remove the entire connection group.


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