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Matching ERA 835s with Claims

When attempting to automatically match an ERA-835 with a claim, Open Dental looks for this criteria: 

  • Claims with a matching date of service and claim fee.
  • Claims with a matching Claim Identifier (It must be an exact match or partially match at least the first 15 characters of the ERA Claim Identifier)
    Claims with a matching patient first name and last name (not case sensitive), with an exact subscriber ID match or partial match of all but the last 1 or 2 characters.

If Open Dental can't automatically find matching claims for an ERA, when you attempt to verify claim amounts you will receive a message.

Click OK to try and manually match the claim. First select the patient. A list of the patient's claims will show.

Double click on a claim to view it. To select a claim, highlight it then click OK.

Click Find to select a different patient.
To filter the list by date range, enter a Date From and/or a Date To, then click Refresh.
To filter the list of by fee amount, enter the Claim Fee, then click Refresh.


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