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Edit Claim - Attachments Tab

On the Edit Claim window, Attachments tab, document which attachments will be sent with the claim and how they will be sent.

Note: The attachments themselves are NOT sent by Open Dental; you must send them separately using a third party service. See Electronic Attachments

Radiographs, Oral Images and Models: Enter how many pages will be sent for each. This information shows on paper claims and e-claims.

EoB, Narrative, Perio chart, Misc Support Data: Check the items that will be sent with the claim. This information shows on e-claims.

By Mail/Electronically: Select how the attachments will be sent.

Attachment ID: If you have an attachment ID (e.g. NEA#), copy it, then paste it here.  The ID will be prepended to the notes field and will also go out on the e-claim in a special field for attachments. 

Attached Images: Select the images that will be sent as attachments, then export them to a temporary folder.

  • Click Add to select an image from the Images module.
  • Click Perio to attach the current Perio chart including up to 5 historical measurements.

As you add images, they will list in the box.

  • Double click on any attachment to view the image.
  • Right click to open, rename, or remove.
  • Click Export to send all listed attachments to the folder defined in Account Module Preferences, 'Claim Attachment Export Path'.
  • Import the images from the temporary folder to NEA Fast Attach.  See Electronic Attachments.


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