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Attach Imaging Results to a Radiology Order

Imaging results (x-rays) can be attached to CPOE radiology orders

EHR: Attaching imaging results to radiology orders was a menu measure for stage 2, but is no longer a reporting requirement for EHR Modified Stage 2.

Waiting for Images
If a radiology order is awaiting results, you can flag the order.  On the Lab Order Edit window, click Manage Images, then check the Waiting for Images box.  This affects the denominator of the EHR imaging results measure.

Attach Images

  1. The image must first exist in the patient's Images module.  Images can be imported or scanned.
  2. On the EHR Dashboard for Stage 2, click Manage Images.
  3. Double click the original radiology order.
  4. Click Manage Images at the bottom. 

All image files in the Images module will list under Available Images.  Click on a row to preview an image.

  1. Click in the Attached column of an image row to attach the image to this order.  An X will show.
  2. If the Waiting for Images box is checked, clear it.
  3. Click OK, then Save.

The numerator of the LabImages menu measure should increase by 1.


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