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Using Mobile Web - Appointments

In the Mobile Web, press Appointments on the Home screen to show scheduled appointments by day. Appointment color is based on the treating provider, Appointment Type, or LateColor.

  • Press an appointment to view more details. See Appointment Details
  • Press the arrows to the left/right of the date to move back (<) or forward (>) one day.  Click the down arrow to select a date from a calendar or additionally filter by provider. See Calendar / Provider Options.

Appointment Details

  • Click i to view Patient Details.
  • Click the Phone icon to call the patient.
  • If complete information is not visible (...), click the information to view it in its entirety.

Calendar / Provider Options

  • Click on a date to select. Click Today to select the current date.
  • To filter by provider, press All Providers, then select the provider.
  • Press OK to close the calendar and apply the filter criteria.


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