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The 'Setup' Permission

The Setup Permission covers a wide variety of setup functions. Below is a list of what is allowed when a user has the Setup permission.

Printer Setup

Appt Preferences, Appointment Field Defs, Appointment Rules, Appointment Types, Appointment Views, Operatories, Recall, Recall Types.

Family Preferences, Claim Forms, Clearinghouses, Insurance Categories, Insurance Filing Codes, Patient Field Defs, Payer IDs.

Account Preferences

Treatment Plan:
Treat'Plan Preferences

Chart Preferences
, Some options on EHR setup window (Allergies, Vaccine Def, Drug Manufacturer, Drug Unit, Reminder Rules, Inbound Email, Educational Resources, EHR Triggers, Time Synchronization), Procedure Button Setup

Image Preferences, Imaging Quality

Manage:  Manage Preferences, Email, Messaging, Messaging Buttons, Time Cards.

Advanced Setup:  Computers, HL7, Replication, Show Features.

Other Setup Menu options:  Auto Codes, Automation, Auto Notes, Data Paths, Definitions, Dental Schools, Display Fields, Fee Schedules, Laboratories, Miscellaneous, Module Preferences, Practice, Program Links, Requirements Needed, Schedules, Security, Sheets, Spell Check.

Aging, Clear Duplicate Blockouts, Create A to Z Folder,Merge Patients, Shutdown Workstations, Telephone Numbers, and Test Latency, Aging, Audit Trail, Billing/Finance Charges, CC Recurring Charges, Database Maintenance, Mobile Synch

Procedure Code List (changing procedure information), Counties, Dental School Classes, Dental School Courses, Employees, Problems, Prescriptions, Sites

Add and delete Email Templates, Supply Inventory Categories, Standard Reports Setup.

Setup log entries are also added to the Audit Trail in the following situations:


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