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Public Health 

To turn on public health features, select Public Health in Show Features.  When enabled, the following features are available.

Public Health Patient Information Fields
Additional fields show in the Public Health tab of the Edit Patient Information Window.

Treatment Plan
The Responsible Party field also shows on the Treatment Plan Edit window.

Import 834 Files
In the Manage module, the Import Ins Plans buttons shows. This is a very specific function for importing 834 files. See Importing Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Files (834 files).

Public Health Screening Features
Data entry for public health screenings is designed with speed and simplicity in mind.  Data can be entered in the classic screening form or a customized form (using sheets).

  • When using a custom form, sealant codes marked on permanent teeth automatically add sealant procedures to the patient's chart. See Customize Screening Forms using Sheets.
  • To set up screening groups, set permissions, and perform public health screenings, in the main menu, click Tools, Public Health Screening.

Public Health Reports

  • FQHC Sealant Report
  • These reports are intended to be saved to text files and sent to a centralized office where it gets loaded into one larger table containing data from many locations.
    • Raw Screening Data: All screening data reported as a single table, for a specific date range (classic screening form only).
    • Raw Population Data: A list of patients who have had treatment done, for a specific date range.


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