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Accounting - Reconcile 

Reconciling is an Accounting feature for asset accounts. It is useful when reconciling transactions with bank statements. It is not directly related to any patient accounts.

  1. On the Transaction History window, click Reconcile.

  1. Click Add to add a reconcile.

All transactions not yet reconciled will list. 

  1. Change the Date to match the bank statement date.
  2. Enter the Starting and Ending Balance on the bank statement. The Target Change value will reflect the difference.
  3. Compare the transactions with the bank statement, and when there is a match, click in the X column. The Sum of Transactions value will increase as you go.
  4. When the Target Change and Sum of Transaction values match, check Locked. Only transactions marked with "X" will appear in the transaction list.
  5. Click OK to complete the reconcile.

Find Amount:  Search for a specific amount in the list of transactions.  Matching results will highlight yellow.
Print:  Print the list of transactions.


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