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Production and Income Report  

There are several Production and Income reports. Each summarizes information differently based on report type.

  • Daily: Lists totals for each transaction (payments, procedures) for a single date or date range.
  • Monthly: Lists production and income totals by day, for a date range. Also shows scheduled production.
  • Annual: Lists production and income totals by month, for a date range.
  • Provider: Lists production and income totals by provider, for a date range.
  1. In the main menu, click Reports, Standard.
  2. In the Production and Income section, click on a report.
    • Today or Yesterday will generate a Daily report using default options.
    • This Month or Last Month will generate a Monthly report using default options.
    • This Year will generate an Annual report for the current year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) using default options.
    • More Options will open the report window so you can customize report options.

  1. Report Type: Select the report type. Date range values will automatically change to match.
  2. Providers: Select the providers to include, or check All to include all providers, including hidden providers that have claim payments for the report period. 'Unearned' will include payments with an unearned type (pay splits not associated to a provider, such as prepayments).

    Note: The Include Unearned checkbox was removed in version 16.4. This checkbox works similar to the 'Unearned' provider in that it includes/excludes payments with an unearned type.

  3. Clinics: If using Clinics, select the clinics to include, or check All to include all clinics. Clinic is determined by the clinic of the procedure (place of service).
    • Show Clinic Info: Only an option when Daily is the Report Type. Set the default in Standard Report Setup.
      Checked: The clinic will show for each transaction, clinic totals will show at the bottom of the report, and the report will print in landscape mode.
      Unchecked: Clinic information will not show and the report will print in portrait mode.
    • Show Clinic Breakdown: Select how data is grouped. Set the default in Standard Report Setup.
      Checked: Report will group by clinic.
      Unchecked: Report will group by date and intermingle clinics.

  4. Date Range: Select the report date range. Today's Date is automatically populated with today's date for reference. The default date range is based on the report type. To change, manually enter the From / To dates, or click the arrows to quickly change values.
    • Today/This Month/This Year: Reset dates to match current day, month, year.
    • Right/Left arrows: Move back or forward one day/month/year at a time.

  5. Show Insurance Writeoffs: Select when to apply insurance writeoffs to production amounts. See Applying Writeoffs to Production for more details. Set the default in Standard Report Setup.
    • Using insurance payment date: Apply the writeoff when the insurance payment is entered.
    • Using procedure date: Apply the writeoff on the date of service.

  6. Click OK to generate the report.  

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Example of monthly report type:

Production: Work that has already been completed. Production from Capitation insurance plans are not included
Scheduled: (Monthly only) Work for all scheduled Appointments that aren't complete. Does not include work for Capitation insurance plans. Writeoffs are only included if, in Report Setup, 'Monthly P&I scheduled production subtracts PPO writeoffs'.
Adjustments:  Adjustments made to the account.
Writeoff: Writeoff amounts for PPO insurance plans. Capitation writeoffs are not included.
Total Prod: The daily sum of Production + Scheduled + Adjustments - Writeoffs.
Pt Income: The amount you have received from Patient Payments.
Ins Income: The amount you have received from the insurance company (Claim Payments).
Tot Income: The daily sum of Pt Income + Ins. Income.
Total Production: The sum of all Production + Scheduled + Adjustments - Writeoffs.
Total Income: The sum of all Pt Income + Ins. Income.

Production and income amounts may not match Aging of A/R amounts. See Aging of A/R for details.


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