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Integrated Texting Troubleshooting

Below is some general help if you experience issues with Integrated Texting.

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Problem: 'Text message status is pending' shows in the Texting Inbox.
Solution: This means that outbound messages are being sent but inbound messages are not being received.

  • Check Port Forwarding (version 15.3 or lower)
  • eServices are not working. See eServices General Troubleshooting for steps to fix.

Problem: Patients aren't receiving text messages.

  • First send yourself a test text message.
  • If the message to yourself does not go through, contact support. If it does goes through, send the patient another test message to ensure it wasn't a temporary issue.
  • If the patient still doesn't receive the message, contact support for further troubleshooting.

Some text messages have a status of failed or I received a text stating ‘Delivery Failure Receipt’. What do I need to do?
It's likely you tried to send a message to a recipient (patient) with an invalid wireless phone in Edit Patient Information. The common causes for this are:

  • Recipient phone is a landline.
  • Recipient country code and/or area code are incorrect.
  • Recipient country code is not eligible to receive messages from this practice.
  • Patient phone number is formatted incorrectly.

To fix this, edit the patient's wireless phone and try again. If you receive these error messages frequently and are unable to fix the issue, please contact support.


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