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Wiki Page Add/Edit

To create a Wiki page you have two options:

  • In the main toolbar, click + Add, enter the Page Title and click OK. Text entered will determine the Page Name and the Page Title (heading 1).
  • On any existing page, type the page name and surround it with two brackets on each end. Example: [[Test Page]]. Save the page and the new link will appear underlined with a dotted line, which indicates it does not yet exist. Click on the new link to create the new page.

To edit a page, go to the page you want to edit, then click Edit in the toolbar.

When naming your pages, put the most important words first and keep it short. Page Name determines how the page is labeled in Search results. Both Page Name and page content factor in a search ranking. 

Keywords: To add keywords to a page, place them immediately after the title, between brackets, separated by commas [[keywords, search]].

Editing Toolbar
This toolbar appears across the top of the page when you create or edit a page.

Save: Saves changes and closes the edit window.
Save as Draft: Save a draft version of the page without altering the original. Wiki page edits are also automatically saved as drafts when Open Dental is force closed, such as during an update, as long as there are no code validation errors.
Cancel: Close the window without saving changes. 
Int Link: Add a link to another wiki page. 
Bookmark: Add a bookmark to the top of a long wiki page to jump to a specified section of that page.

  1. Open the wiki page, click Edit.
  2. Scroll to the section you want to bookmark.
  3. Click Bookmark. Enter an ID and a Display Text. These do not have to match.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Cut the <a href="#displaytext"></a> code and paste it where you want the link to appear, typically at the top of the page.
  6. The <div id="ID"></div> code marks where the bookmark will jump to.
  7. Click Save.

File: Add a link to a file on the network.
Folder: Add a link to a folder on the network.
Ext Link: Add a link to an external website (enter the full URL path: http://www.mysite.com).
Heading 1, 2, 3: Format text as Page Title (h1), Subtitle (h2) or smaller category (h3). Properties of all <h> tags can be customized in the embedded stylesheet.
Table: (See below)
Image: It must exist in the A to Z folders. (See below).
Lock: Lock wiki page so that edits can only be made by users with Wiki Admin permission.
Undo: Undo the previous action. Only able to undo one action.
Italic: Italicize specific words or multiple lines at once.
Color: Make the selected text red. Change the color by replacing the color name in the Markup, for example: color:blue. Not usable on links.
Font: Change the font of the selected text. The default font family is courier. To change, edit the font name in the Markup (e.g. font:courier.) Other examples: times, serif, arial, etc.

Bulleted Lists: Use asterisks * without a space after them. A line without an asterisk ends the list. Deeper levels are not yet supported.
*first item in list
*second item
*last item

Numbered Lists: Use hashes # without a space after them. A line without a hash ends the list. Deeper levels are not yet supported.
#first item in list
#second item
#last item

Special Characters: The following characters are not allowed: "<" and ">". If you need to use them, prefix them with an ampersand &. Example: &> or &<

Images: To place an image in the Wiki, save it in the A-Z folders, in the Wiki subfolder. If an image doesn't exist, the page cannot be saved.

  1. To import a file to this list, click Import and select the file.
  2. Double-click on the image name in the Wiki list.

Table markup cannot be edited directly in the page. Instead you must use the Table interface. Borders are always 1, cellspacing 0, cellpadding 0. Carriage returns are allowed inside cells. There is no control yet over shading or colors.

Click Table to insert a table at cursor. Add or delete columns and rows on the right side of the screen.

Man Edit: Manually edit table Markup.
L: Move cell focus to the left
R: Move cell focus to the right
Headers: Define the column headers. You can modify column header text and column size.
Up: Move cell focus up one row.
Down: Move cell focus down one row.

Copy/Paste Cells
To copy data from an external table to a wiki table, you must be running Google Chrome. If it is a complex table, you may need to copy/paste in pieces. First, copy the external table cells. Then click Table, make sure there are enough columns, then click Paste Cells.  

To bold the text within a cell, edit the text outside of the Table window.


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