AudaxCeph Bridge

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double-click on AudaxCeph in the list.

AudaxCeph is x-ray analysis software. Website:

To enable the bridge:

  1. Check the Enabled box.
  2. Double click on a row in Additional Properties to change settings. You can use the PatNum (enter 0) or ChartNum (enter 1) as the patient ID.
  3. Set up a clickable bridge button.
    1. Under Add a button to these toolbars, highlight where to display the button.
    2. Enter the Text on button.
    3. (Optional) Import an image to show on the button (22 x 22 pixels).
  4. Click OK.

You must have the AudaxCeph bridge open before you click the AudaxCeph bridge button in Open Dental. If a patient is selected in Open Dental, but AudaxCeph is already open with a different patient selected, clicking the bridge button will not change the patient.

Technical Details

Because of the AudaxCeph bridge, the following occurs:

Patient Status: Every patient opened in AudaxCeph will have a patient status of active, even if a different patient status (e.g. deceased, inactive) has been selected on the Edit Patient Information window in Open Dental.

Gender: There are three gender selections in Open Dental (male, female, unknown) and only two in AudaxCeph (male, female). All unknown genders in Open Dental are translated to a male gender in AudaxCeph.

How the bridge works: When the bridge is enabled, Open Dental creates an update.xml file in the installation folder which AudaxCeph will read from.