Medit Link Bridge

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Medit Link from

Medit Link is a software from

To enable this bridge:

  1. Check the Enabled box.
  2. Verify the Path of file to open. Typically file path is C:\Program Files\Medit\Medit Link\Medit Link\Medit_Link.exe.
  3. Verify the Optional Command line arguments: {\"NameFL\": \"[NameFL]\", \"PatNum\": \"[PatNum]\", \"PatientGenderMF\": \"[PatientGenderMF]\", \"Birthdate_yyyyMMdd\": \"[Birthdate_yyyyMMdd]\"}
    • PatientID of Medit Link will be from Open Dental's PatNum.
  4. Set up a clickable bridge button.
    1. Under Add a button to these toolbars, highlight where to display the button.
    2. Enter the Text on button.
    3. (Optional) Import an image to show on the button (22 x 22 pixels).
    4. Click OK.
  5. Users who have already downloaded Medit Link, log into Medit Link App and install Open Dental Integration App in the App Box.