Canada Fee Guides

Open Dental provides some fee guides for users to import.

For Canada users, in the Fee Tools window, click Import Canada.

We recommend making a copy of the original fee guide for reference, then importing the new fees into the original fee guide. By doing it this way, the fees will be updated and you will not need to reassign fee guides.

Create a copy of the original fee guide:

  1. Create a new fee guide (e.g. UCR2019_copy). See Fee Schedules.
  2. Under Lists, Procedure Codes, click Fee Tools.
  3. Under Select Fees, select the fee guide to copy (the original).
  4. In Copy To, select the fee guide to copy the fees into (e.g. the new fee guide, UCR201_copy).
  5. Click Copy. The new fee guide will now be a copy of your original fee guide.

Import fees into the original fee guide:

  1. Clear the original fee guide:
    1. Click Fee Tools.
    2. Under Select Fees, select the original fee guide.
    3. Click Clear to remove the fees from the original fee guide.
  2. Import the new fees into the original fee guide:
    1. Click Fee Tools.
    2. Under Select Fees, select the original fee guide.
    3. Click Import Canada. A password may be required. If you have not cleared the fees (the fees still exist in the original), you will receive a warning. Choose OK to proceed, or Cancel to close without importing (See clear the original fee guide above).
    4. The Fee Sched Pick Remote window displays all of the fee guides currently available for download. To import, double-click on a fee guide or select it then click OK. A message will indicate when the import is finished.

  3. You can download multiple fee guide files into a single fee guide. Each download will only affect fees for procedure codes that are included in the specific file; fees for procedures not included in the file will not be overridden.

To update the fees on treatment plans for all patients, see Update Fees in Fee Tools.

Available Guides by Province


British Columbia

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


The following copyright notice applies to Ontario users:

The ODA Suggested Fee Guide which is included in the Open Dental Software Inc. software and the copyright therein, is owned by the Ontario Dental Association and may be used solely in conjunction with the Open Dental software under licence from the Ontario Dental Association. The "ODA Suggested Fee Guide", "ODA Suggested Fee Guide for General Practitioners", "ODA Design" and "ODA" are trademarks of the Ontario Dental Association.



We do not include fee guides for the Denturist Association of Canada (DAC).

We can add more fee guides as requested. Send requests to To expedite response time, please provide the name of the fee guide, the organization that produced the fee guide, contact information, including URL, and any other useful information. If possible, include a link to the fee guide, or an attached copy of the guide. We will research the legal ramifications to determine if we can add the fee guide.