CEMT Patient Transfer

Patients who move between locations can be transferred from one database to another when using the Central Enterprise Management Tool (CEMT).

In the Central Enterprise Management window, highlight the database the patient is currently entered in. Click Transfer, Patients.

There are two steps to transferring patients:

  1. Move the patient out of the original database.
  2. Receive the patient into the new database.

See our Quick Tip Video on using this tool on YouTube.

Note: Only demographic information will be transferred to the target database. Account details, treatment history and insurance information will not be included.

Move the Patient Out of the Original Database

Patients to Transfer: Lists patients who will be moved to a different database.

Databases to transfer patients to: Lists the database you wish to transfer patients to.

Transfer: Click to move patients. Depending on the number of patients being transferred, this process may take some time. A progress bar will show, and once complete, a summary will appear.

Receive the Patient into the New Database

Transferred patients will appear as new patient Web Forms in the target database.

  1. Open the new database, then go to Tools, Web Forms.
  2. Click Retrieve New Forms and create new records for each transferred patient. For details on this process, see Web Forms Retrieve.
  3. Once all webforms have been retrieved, all will be listed in a window like the one below:

    Right click on each patient in the grid and select View this patient's forms.
  4. In the Patient Forms window, select PatientTransferCEMT and click Import. See Import Patient Forms and Medical Histories for additional details on importing information into the database.