Cross Code

Medical codes (e.g. CPT Codes) can be manually added as separate codes in the procedure code list, then cross coded to procedure codes.

Then, when a medical claim is created for the procedure, the medical code is used on the claim instead of the procedure code.

  1. Create a Medical Code procedure code category in Definitions: Procedure Code Categories. This is useful for grouping medical codes (optional, but recommended).
  2. Manually create the medical code as a new procedure code. See Adding a New Procedure Code.
  3. Edit the new medical code:
    • In the Procedure Code List, double click the new medical code to open the Edit Procedure Code Window.
    • Select the new Medical Codes category (optional).
    • Leave the Medical Code field blank.
    • Enter other information as needed (e.g. fees).

  4. Cross code the new medical code to the procedure code:
    • In the Procedure Code List, double click the dental procedure code.
    • Enter the medical code (CPT code) in the Medical Code field.

Now the medical code is cross-coded to the procedure code.