The purpose of this feature is to track equipment for payment of property taxes.

In the Supply Inventory window, click Equipment.

SN/Descript/Loc: Filter the list by serial number, description, or location.

Date Range: Filter the list by specific purchased and sold dates.

Purchased, Sold, All: Filter the equipment view by selecting the radio button. When All is selected, items with a DatePurchased or DateSold in the selected date range display.

Refresh: Click to update Equipment list after changing filters.

Click Add to add a new equipment item or double-click an existing item to edit.

Date Entry: This date is system-generated when the equipment item is initially created. It cannot be edited.

Description: Enter a description (e.g., item name) for the equipment.

Serial Number: Automatically generated. It is recommended to physically label the equipment with the serial number for better tracking. Click Generate to assign a new serial number. The serial number field can also be cleared or replaced with a different serial number. Serial numbers cannot be duplicated.

Model Yr: Enter the two-digit model year of the equipment (e.g., 22).

Date Purchased: Enter the date the equipment was initially purchased.

Date Sold: If or when equipment is sold to another party, enter the date it was sold.

Purchase Cost: Enter the actual purchase cost of the equipment.

Estimated Market Value: Enter the estimated value of the equipment.

Location: Enter the location of the equipment in the office (e.g., OP-2).

Status: Enter the status of the equipment order (e.g., ordered, pending delivery).