Add Insurance

In the Family Module toolbar, click Add Insurance.


Always enter insurance plan information for the subscriber before separately assigning the plan to non-subscriber family members.


Note: Many insurance carriers have switched to each patient being their own subscriber. In that case, you would not enter any non-subscriber family members.

Double-click the subscriber to select, or click More Patients to select any patient in the database.

Select Insurance

If there is already existing insurance, you will be given a chance to select it.

You will be given the chance to pick an existing plan or to create a new plan.

Note: Security permission PatPlanCreate is used to log an entry when a new patient insurance plan is created.

Edit Insurance Plan

Once in the Insurance Plan window, at the top middle, you can use the Pick From List button to select an existing plan from the Insurance Plans list. At a minimum, select the patient's Relationship to Subscriber.