Combine Insurance Plans

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Insurance Plans.

Only combine plans as a cleanup measure. Multiple entries of an insurance plan in the list will not harm data. However, if you have duplicate plans that were inadvertently created when entering plan changes, combining can be useful.

Warning: Before combining, always make sure the plans are really duplicates. Combining is a permanent, irreversible change that will affect historical data on claims. Ask yourself:

Note: Other benefits marked as a patient override will not be lost when combining plans.

If users determine that multiple instances of the same plan have been created by mistake, and want to clean up the list, follow these steps to combine them.

  1. Review each plan's details and benefits to determine which insurance plan will be kept and which plans will be combined into the plan to be kept.
  2. Highlight the plans to combine.
  3. Click Combine.
  4. Highlight the one insurance plan that will be kept. Only this plan's details and benefits will be kept.
  5. Click OK to combine. A warning will prompt the user to confirm.
  6. Click OK to confirm. All other plans will no longer appear in the list.


When combining plans I get the following prompt:

You are combining Category Percentage plan using Blue Book into a Category Percentage plan that is not using Blue Book and has a fee schedule assigned. Clicking Yes will delete all Blue Book data for the plan.